Penetration Testing

We conduct security tests on enterprise systems with hacker mindset and attack patterns to understand the vulnerabilities of system hosts and programs, and provide recommendations for fixing and defending against them

About Penetration Testing

Rich experience in attack and defense exercises, simulating hacker's mindset to discover unknown vulnerabilities early

The penetration test service is planned and executed by the professional white hat hacking team of ISSDU, with rich experience in attack and defense exercises, simulating various situations that may occur during network hacking attacks, such as system vulnerabilities, program developers' blind spots, or administrators' negligence, etc., to examine the possible hacking channels and risks

We plan the testing content with hacker's thinking and behavior pattern, supplemented with various hacker software tools and techniques, and actually examine the strength of the network security of the tested object, the system environment and security status at this stage, and at the same time discover the unknown vulnerabilities in the organization system by testing, and provide testing reports for the tested unit to repair and protect in advance, so as to achieve the effect of prevention before it happens

Penetration Testing Advantages and Benefits

White hat hackers form a team of penetration experts

The team is composed of ISSDU professional information security experts with professional penetration testing training and multiple international information security licenses, serving clients in the financial industry, government, academic institutions, medical institutions, technology and manufacturing industries, etc.

Multi-angle penetration testing operations

Through professional tools and professional white hat hacking team experience, we simulate actual hacking behaviors and techniques to assess the risk of real hacking attacks on the overall network environment of enterprises

Professional testing report and consulting

Comply with domestic and international security standards, write security vulnerability formation, risk level, testing methods and vulnerability correction methods to help enterprise customers reduce system security risks

Deep Vulnerability Discovery

Under the premise of not affecting the operation of the enterprise system, the professional information security inspectors connect the attack paths formed by security vulnerabilities and dig deeper into the unknown vulnerabilities of the system

Reduce the burden of enterprise dedicated hacker capabilities

Enterprises do not need to invest a lot of resources to train their own dedicated hackers, instead, the professional information security team of ISSDU, with rich experience, can assist customers to perform testing services

Performing Tests according to International Standards

Strictly executing the customer's commission according to international testing standards
  • OSSTMM(Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
  • OWASP(Open Web Application Security Project)
  • Multi-angle testing model
    • Black-box testing to simulate anonymous Internet users and gray-box testing to simulate legitimate Internet users
    • Simulates DMZ segment users for gray-box testing and internal segment users for gray-box testing
    • Inter-segment trust relationship interaction detection: Internet banking, membership system, ... Login mechanism security testing

Penetration Testing Service Flow

  • Project initiation:
    Confirm project requirements, test objectives, implement specifications, complete testing environment inspection, and obtain legal penetration authorization from customers.
  • Execution of penetration testing:
    Customized execution of penetration planning, target detection, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, authorization jumping vulnerability attack, and deep exploration of unknown vulnerabilities according to requirements
  • Reporting and Consulting:
    According to the testing results, we provide testing result reports on the entry point, risk level, testing method, and patching method of each vulnerability, and provide customers with consulting services for vulnerability fixing
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