System Vulnerability Assessment

We scan the equipment and system hosts in the enterprise network environment to detect any weaknesses and provide improvement solutions to reduce information security risks through professional analysis

About System Vulnerability Assessment

Rich experience in offensive and defensive exercises to simulate hackers' mindset and discover unknown vulnerabilities early

As network activities become more and more complex, enterprise systems and host environments are often subject to unauthorized access or other information security risks due to improper management and settings, and hackers exploit known system vulnerabilities to become a hidden crisis for enterprises.

Host Vulnerability Scanning Service is a vulnerability scanning tool that, together with other commonly used tools and commands, helps customers scan various network devices and system hosts in the network environment to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities, including software vulnerabilities, missing patches, malware, and misconfigurations. Through professional result analysis, we can provide customers with effective and feasible improvement solutions. By scanning for vulnerabilities, we can identify security vulnerabilities in system maintenance early and complete the repair operation in time to avoid intrusion attacks through vulnerabilities, so as to achieve the goal of reducing information security risks.

Vulnerability Assessment Advantages and Benefits

Expert team to perform inspection

ISSDU professional inspection team, all of whom have extensive experience in information security and have obtained many international information security licenses, provides professional inspection planning and services to our customers

Professional vulnerability analysis report

Chinese scan results report, including the number and ratio of risk vulnerabilities, the total number of vulnerabilities of each type of statistics, the list of vulnerabilities found in each host, and complete patching recommendations

Enhance Network Environment Security

Helps enterprises understand the vulnerability status of various network devices, systems and hosts in their existing environment, and obtain effective improvement solutions through the vulnerability scan results analysis report

Customized Planning Inspection

According to the needs of different systems, equipment, network segments, categories or importance of the customer, we will tailor a suitable scanning policy and execute the scanning by our own staff

Professional inspection report and consultation

We provide professional inspection reports and remediation recommendations based on the inspection results, and professional consulting services to help corporate customers reduce website security risks

System Vulnerability Assessment Service includes:

  • Customized and appropriate scanning policy:
    • Security scanning assessment for routers, firewalls, Microsoft Windows Server, UNIX system servers and network devices
    • Ability to scan for network services, backdoors, account passwords, DoS vulnerabilities, etc.
    • Built-in multiple scanning policy settings for different levels of scanning on Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Web Server, Unix, Unix Web Server, Router/Switch, etc.
  • Comprehensive vulnerability analysis report
  • Vulnerability patching suggestion and effectiveness consultation
  • Review scanning (advanced service item)

System Vulnerability Assessment Service Process

  • Project Initiation:
    The customer provides the corresponding network IP range and operating system to confirm the project target area. The scope of the project is usually selected from the servers that open important network services and the personal computers of the administrators.
  • Scan execution:
    We perform intranet scans at the office, perform inspections as needed, adjust tool policies, test the information provided by the scan, check the scan results and adjust for errors.
  • Inspection report and consultation:
    We provide final test reports based on the test results, as well as recommendations for fixing vulnerabilities, and assist customers to perform the fixing work by themselves or by the site developer/maintenance vendor
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