ISMS Information Security Management System

The professional consulting team provides ISMS information security management system guidance to help enterprises obtain ISO27001 certification and control information security risks by improving management processes.

ISMS Information Security Management System

Improve information security management system to reduce the risk of information security threats and vulnerabilities

ISMS service is not only required by authorities and laws and regulations, but also by enterprises who actively seek solutions to control their own internal information security issues and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. Therefore, the information security management system can be introduced through a process-based approach to identify internal and external threats and vulnerabilities and effectively reduce and control them through an effective management system and risk management.

ISSDU each consultant has over 8 years of experience, and the consultant team has assisted or continues to assist in obtaining the latest version of ISO 27001 for public agencies, education systems, medical systems, and general enterprises.

ISMS Service Advantages and Benefits

Experienced team of consultants

All of our consultants have extensive experience in information security, and have advised many different organizations and management systems to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of our clients

Preventative Management of Information Security Risks

Through the introduction of information security management system, effective preventive security control to ensure the normal operation of important, in order to establish information security crisis management and handling capabilities, and rapid handling of information security incidents

Customized Guidance Planning

The information security management system needs to be flexibly adjusted according to the customer's organization type, and the digital consultant can complete the counseling task through the integration method and the principle of minimum variation according to the requirements: different laws and regulations and standard requirements

International Management Standards

According to the Information Security Management Act and the international standard ISO 27001:2013 (the latest), we provide systematic process and system to control information security risks in order to achieve the goal of information security protection and sustainable operation

ISMS Consulting Service Process

  • Diagnosis of current situation and gap analysis:
    We analyze the discrepancies with international standards based on the organization's existing information security system, organizational business operation characteristics, or document form testing, and therefore provide remediation through the consulting process.
  • Establish information security management system:
    Through interviewing and understanding the operation characteristics of the organization, we customize the four-level documents of information security in the organization, including information security policies, management procedures, work instructions, documents and records.
  • Risk Assessment and Management:
    Through risk assessment methodology, we identify the threats and vulnerabilities of information assets, determine the appropriate threats and possibilities, and produce risk assessment reports to effectively manage risk items and reduce risks.
  • Implementation of system guidance and internal auditing:
    We implement the overall information security system in accordance with the four-level document on information security, including the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), education and training, and execution records of related activities, and review the degree of implementation of the system through internal audits and accept the results.
  • External auditing and certification:
    Assist third-party certification bodies to perform Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification audits and obtain ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification.
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