PIMS Personal Information Protection Management System

The consulting team provides guidance on the PIMS Personal Information Management System to help companies achieve ISO 29100 certification and protect the important personal information of customers and associates through improved management processes

PIMS Personal Information Protection Management System

Enhance your personal information management system to comply with personal information law and GDPR requirements

In addition to the requirements of authorities and laws and regulations, there are still companies that actively seek solutions to control their own internal employees and customer data. Therefore, PIMS can identify the flow of personal data through business processes and activities, and effectively manage the risk management of personal data processes, including collection, processing, and utilization, to identify the areas that need to be controlled inside and outside the organization.

ISSDU each consultant has more than 8 years of experience, and the consultant team has counseled or continues to counsel public agencies, telecommunication companies, educational institutions, and medical institutions to comply with the latest versions of BS10012 and ISO29100. The team of consultants conducts compliance checks and status interviews through the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act so that the units continue to comply with the standards and regulations during the counseling process.

Advantages and Benefits of PIMS Introduction Services

Experienced team of consultants

All of our consultants have extensive experience in security and have worked with many different organizations and management systems to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of our clients

Customized Guidance Planning

Depending on the customer's organization type and needs, we can flexibly adjust the guidance tasks through the integration of different laws and regulations and standard requirements, with minimal variation

Preventive control of personal data protection

We can quickly familiarize ourselves with the flow of personal data in an organization and ensure that personal data is properly protected and managed through effective preventive security controls to comply with legal regulations and protect our reputation

Regulatory compliance guidance

The consultant team provides management guidelines in an appropriate manner to assist companies to introduce a perfect management system to comply with regulations and standards, such as: Personal Data Protection Act, EU GDPR, BS 10012, ISO 29100, ISO 27701, etc.

PIMS Consulting Services Process

  • Diagnosis of current situation and discrepancy analysis.
    We analyze the discrepancies with international standards based on the existing personal data protection system, business operation characteristics of the organization, or document form test, etc., so that we can apply for reinforcement through the counseling process.
  • Create personal information management system documents:
    After interviewing and understanding the business operation characteristics of the organization, we customize the PIMS 4 documents including personal data protection policies, management procedures, work instructions, document forms and records.
  • Risk Assessment and Management:
    Through risk assessment methodology, we identify threats and weaknesses of personal assets and determine the appropriate threats and possibilities, and then produce risk assessment reports to effectively manage risk items and reduce risks.
  • Implementation of system guidance and internal auditing:
    We implement the overall personal information system in accordance with the four-phase document, including personal information process identification, continuous personal information leakage operation, exercise of rights and interests of the parties involved, education and training, and execution records of related activities.
  • External auditing and obtaining certificates
    We assist third-party certification organizations to perform PIMS validation and information privacy management system audits, and obtain certificates for management systems such as BS 10012/ISO 29100 or ISO 27701.
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