Email Social Engineering Drill

Simulate hacker phishing emails to test employees; security risk awareness, supplemented by information security promotion and education training to avoid information security risks caused by inappropriate email behavior

About Email Social Engineering Drill

To prevent employees from falling for phishing emails, regular Email Social Engineering Drill are conducted

Email is a major channel of external communication for companies, but it can also be the starting point for hackers to penetrate the company. Hackers use phishing emails that are of interest to employees to induce them to click, and then spoof their accounts and passwords or hack into their computers, resulting in data leakage and property loss for the company.

ISSDU Social Engineering Simulation Service can customize email templates to meet the needs of the latest current events, and conduct employee social engineering alertness tests based on the email accounts provided by customers. Afterwards, we provide a complete simulation report and can assist in arranging information security promotion or propose further handling measures to complete the correct operation and overall protection concept of personnel information security

Service Advantages and Benefits

Expert Team

With our professional inspection team and rich experience in simulation services, we can assist our customers to complete the simulation services in a safe environment. Our clients include financial industry, government, technology industry and manufacturing industry, etc.

Realistic Simulation Templates

Provide customized phishing letter templates with the latest current events and similar legitimate company domains to achieve realistic phishing letter attacks and realistic detection of employee email behavior

Comprehensive behavioral statistics

Provides better than industry statistical reports, including three different ways to calculate trigger rates individually, including user-opened mail, opened links, and opened attachments, and presents information on trigger time, trigger behavior, and trigger device in reports

Professional Report and Consultation

We can assist customers to review the departments or personnel in the company with low awareness of information security and arrange education and training, and the report can also grasp the types of emails that are easily hooked by company employees, and conduct simulation based on statistical reports year by year to ensure that employees' awareness of information security is improved

Email Social Engineering Drill Process

  • Customer environment confirmation:
    According to customer unit information security policies, regulations or rules, confirm the division and scope of the unit under test, and plan the test schedule accordingly.
  • Provide email list:
    The customer provides the tested email list and assists in setting up the SPAM system to avoid blocking test emails.
  • Produce email templates:
    Custom planning and production of email templates for social engineering simulation based on discussions and requirements.
  • Sending test emails, providing reports and recommendations:
    We send out test emails to check if employees are sufficiently alert to email social engineering, provide statistical response records and complete reports, and arrange follow-up training and information security awareness.
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