UGuard AI SIEM Intelligence Platform

A new form of information security warfare platform that responds to future information security development, turning huge volumes of events into easy-to-grasp visual information security intelligence through intelligent and efficient analysis

Turning complexity into simplicity to grasp information security threats

To provide timely and effective insight into emerging information security threats through huge quantitative incident data.

UGuard AI is a next-generation information security platform with the security information event management (SIEM) capabilities required to aggregate and analyze information security-related records from critical information security devices, operating systems and applications in the enterprise environment. It further provides four superior features: context-awareness, intelligent drive, historical data retrieval, and behavior abnormality analysis mechanism. Through advanced technologies such as big data analysis, mechanical learning, and artificial intelligence, it can efficiently extract more substantive information security information and present it in a visual way that is easy to understand and recognize. This prevents the traditional SIEM system from being too complicated in terms of information security information, causing enterprise information security managers to be unable to efficiently grasp the correct information security information, which will in turn delay the handling of major information security threats.

ISSDU x Splunk, the leading brand of big data

Strong partnership, rich experience to effectively solve your problems

The new generation security information event management platform (NG-SIEM), which is the result of our long-standing professional experience in SOC information security operations, combined with U-SOC information security monitoring and control services for more than 180 customers, more than 1,400 security devices, and more than 10 years of continuous operation in the field, has given you the UGuard AI information security warfare platform. With the industry's most powerful big data engine leader Splunk Enterprise as the main processing core, its No-SQL technology can significantly improve the traditional security information event management (SIEM) solutions in processing performance loss and slow response time bottlenecks. It enables enterprises to proactively monitor, target, address and deter information security attacks by enabling early detection and prediction of hacker threats."

UGuard AI Features

Similar to virtual intelligent information security analysts in the enterprise, they help to process huge and complex information security event data, and really enhance the information security processing power to effectively detect and react to information security threats.
Context Awareness

Graphical dashboards and security weather maps present security status to help security managers predict and take preventive measures in advance.

Intelligent Drive

Through big data algorithm capability and intelligent event association engine, we can discover and actively list unknown possible threats from seemingly irrelevant information.

Historical Data Retrieval

Through historical retrieval and trajectory data analysis, we can understand the real time point of hacker intrusion and detect the latent and silent abnormal changes in advance.

Behavioral Anomaly Analysis

Through AI s intelligent rule-based approach, we can detect behavioral anomalies in specific devices, such as mass connection, password guessing, abnormal account login, abnormal network connection, etc.

Significantly Improve Information Security Management Collaboration

Improve the accuracy of information security threat management, collaboration, and event identification
  • Support multiple security devices, operating systems and applications, fast collection of various logs without complex programs or languages, and trouble-free integration of information security devices into UGuard AI.
  • Threat management collaboration mechanism, whether senior management CISO, information security manager (IT), audit and information security experts (information security consultant services, equipment system vendors), can work together in SIEM information security information base to carry out perfect information security maintenance mechanism.
  • By linking the latest information security unit intelligence, we can understand the real time point of hackers' intrusion through historical backtracking and trajectory data analysis, and detect the latent and silent anomaly changes early.

UGuard AI Advantages and Benefits

Holistic information aggregation and enhanced visibility Intelligent context-aware monitoring mechanism presents security threat status with easy-to-read and understand graphical representations, helping managers to predict and take preventive or suppressive measures in advance.

Through big data algorithm capability and AI intelligent event correlation engine, machine learning is used to build a baseline to discover and proactively list unknown possible threats from seemingly irrelevant information.

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