Source Code Review

The most comprehensive and effective way to identify potential security weaknesses in applications is to have a professional consultant complement the source code inspection tool

About Source Code Review

Rich experience in attack and defense exercises, simulating hacker's thinking to discover unknown vulnerabilities early

With the development and application of a large number of modern software programs, the vulnerabilities and information security risks of the programs are worrying. Hackers often use software vulnerabilities to attack and steal data, and it is also more difficult for developers and maintenance personnel to manage information security.

Our professional service team uses source code security inspection tools to examine the source code of the application and analyze the inspection results by professional consultants to list the potential security weaknesses in the application in detail. We also provide the reasons for the occurrence and professional suggestions for improvement, so that application developers can modify the weaknesses correctly and quickly and strengthen the application's protection ability to avoid attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.

Advantages and Benefits of Code Review

Expert Team

With rich experience in security software development and security testing, our professional testing team provides customers with effective patching suggestions from the developer‘s point of view to help developers improve their development efficiency

International Standard Specification

Through professional tools and expert experience, we ensure that programs are written in accordance with the industry’s best practices to meet international standards and regulations, thereby achieving software safety and enhancing user trust and reputation

Professional Testing Report and Consulting

We follow domestic and international security standards, and provide customer reports and consulting services for vulnerabilities and deficiencies in testing to help developers reduce application security risks

Enhance Application Security

Complete, effective, accurate, and fast source code inspection can help identify security weaknesses and deficiencies in code to improve application security and program performance stability

Reduce enterprise labor and tooling costs

Without to spend a large expenditure on purchasing testing tools or products, it is suitable for those who have web application services but do not have their own application developers, or those who have few applications and have infrequent changes in demand

Code Review Service Flow

  • Project initiation:
    Confirm project requirements, test objectives, implement specifications, complete test environment construction, and obtain legal authorization from customers.
  • Execution of testing:
    Execute testing according to requirements, including two source code tests, and provide testing reports after each test for development units to modify the program vulnerability.
  • Test reports and consulting:
    We will provide recommendations for vulnerability fixes, assist the customer to write disposal instructions by themselves or by the application developer/maintenance vendor, and then provide a final test report based on the disposal results after the consultant's evaluation.
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