DDoS Drill

By DDoS Drill service, we can understand the ability of website or host to withstand 「distributed blocking attack」 in order to design protection plan

About DDoS Drill

Realistic and controllable DDoS Drill to combat malicious traffic attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a blocking attack against the "availability" of the three elements of information security, combining multiple computers to launch a traffic blocking attack to consume the network bandwidth and system resources of the attack target, making it impossible to provide normal services to the outside world.

In recent years, because our government agencies and important livelihood service websites have been repeatedly subjected to DDoS attacks by hacker organizations, resulting in the suspension of some websites of the government agencies. The DDoS simulation exercise provides customers with a realistic and controlled attack exercise service to help customers understand the tolerance level of DDoS attacks on current websites or important hosts and design protection solutions to block DDoS attacks.

DDoS Drill Advantages and Benefits

Expert Team

ISSDU professional testing team, with rich experience in simulation services, helps customers to complete simulation services in a secure environment. Customers cover the financial industry, government, technology industry and manufacturing industry, etc.

Early assurance of DDoS attack tolerance

Through the independent research and development of the attack system of ISSDU Information Security, the target simulation consumes network bandwidth, system resources and application resources to help customers understand the tolerance of important hosts and network bandwidth to DDoS attacks

Legitimate and controllable real traffic

The source of the attack is all legal IP, and use legal and safe hosts to execute detection, without affecting enterprise operation, simulate real DDoS attack behavior

Professional report and consultation

The simulation can assist customers to review the deficiencies of the existing architecture, and provide professional report analysis and advice, customize the design of protection solutions to block future DDoS attacks in response to the detection results.

DDoS Drill Process

  • Project Initiation:
    Confirm the project requirements, test objectives, implementation specifications, complete inspection of the testing environment, and obtain legal penetration authorization from customers.
  • Information Collection:
    Research on the test target IP/URL, consider the attack technique and plan the penetration method through different network environment and network application.
  • Execution Simulation:
    Launching attacks according to the simulation plan, executing network bandwidth attack detection and system resource attack testing, and monitoring whether the internal DoS/DDoS prevention mechanism is effective.
  • Report and Consultation: 
    Provide analysis recommendations based on the test results, and provide consulting services based on the test results to design protection solutions to block future DDoS attacks.
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