General Information Security Training

General Information Security Training More than 50% of corporate information security risks are due to employee negligence and lack of information security awareness. The General Knowledge Training enhances employees security knowledge and reduces security risks

About General Security Training

To pay attention to potential information security risks, start by raising employees' information security awareness...

According to the information security survey conducted by famous information media on Taiwan enterprises, more than 50% of enterprise information security risks are due to employees' negligence and lack of information security awareness. Information security needs to be shared, explained, and integrated into daily activities to raise employees' information security awareness in order to achieve proper information security protection!

This service is implemented by the information security consulting team of ISSDU, and the training materials are customized according to the customer's needs, with actual case studies and annual information security trends, providing 1~3 hours of training. The information security general knowledge course is mainly based on concept promotion and sharing with supervisors and colleagues to promote basic information security general knowledge, including common fishing techniques and response methods, to facilitate early prevention of information security incidents. After the class, mini-tests and discussions are provided to verify the degree of absorption of the overall course. Therefore, the overall information security general knowledge course not only meets the requirements of laws and regulations, but also enables employees to have information security awareness.

Advantages and Benefits of Information Security General Training

Experienced team of consultants

All of our consultants have extensive experience in information security and have counseled many different organizations and management systems to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of our clients

Practical Security Knowledge Enhancement for Employees

The course uses videos or behaviors encountered in daily life to provide educational training instructions, and through simple operation methods, allows students to operate themselves to reduce the risk of privacy exposure

Customized Training Plan

The consultant team is familiar with the requirements of laws and regulations, and has rich experience in information security practice and teaching, and conducts courses and shares practical cases so that colleagues can easily understand and related

Information Security Training Planning Process

  • Selecting course outline, duration of course:
    According to the client's law and organizational needs, the consultant team will discuss the course outline, course content and course duration.
  • Production of training materials and examination questions:
    According to the course main axis planning, we combine the current affairs and practical contents of information security to produce education and training materials and test questions.
  • Provide related materials to clients for review:
    Provide the educational materials produced by the consultant team to the client's supervisor for review, and after confirming the content, the training program can be implemented for the trainees.
  • Schedule the date and location of the course:
    We will arrange the date, time and location of the training course according to your needs.
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