Information Security Assessment for Financial Institutions

In accordance with the requirements of the financial authorities, the financial institution will construct an information security assessment plan for the overall computer system, classify the information assets according to their importance and degree of influence, and conduct information security

Information Security Assessment for Financial Industry

Identify risks and implement control measures to improve network and information system security protection

In order to ensure that financial institutions provide computer systems with consistent basic system security protection capabilities and comply with the "Information System Security Benchmark for Financial Institutions" and "Security Control Practice Benchmark for Financial Institutions Performing Electronic Banking Services" established by the HKAB, financial institutions should conduct annual information security assessments of their computer systems to identify risks and implement effective control measures at the technical and management levels through various assessment operations In order to improve and enhance network and information system security protection.

The information security assessment of financial institutions' computer systems is conducted jointly by the technical team and information security consultants of ISSDU, who confirm the degree of compliance and completeness of each assessment through information security testing operations and information security consultant interviews. All members of the team have rich experience in information security testing and consulting, complete qualifications, and certification to provide professional services to financial clients.

Service Features and Advantages

Professional Team

Our security consultants and testing team have extensive experience in information security, and are fully qualified and certified in multiple international certifications, with a client base that includes government entities, financial, high-tech, manufacturing industries, and high standards of corporate information security

Enhance information security protection

Review existing controls, identify potential information security threats and vulnerabilities, enhance information security operations and information system security protection within the service area

Comprehensive Assessment

Complete information security service resources, with SOC monitoring, various information security testing, consulting and information security software and hardware integration service resources, professional ability to deal with various project forms of team establishment

International management standards

Integrate international information security management trends, strengthen emerging technology information security risk control, and conduct testing in accordance with financial institutions' computer system information security assessment methods to assist financial industry customers in compliance

Financial Industry Information Security Assessment Content

  • Information architecture review
  • Network activity inspection
  • Network equipment, servers, terminals, and other equipment testing
  • Website security inspection
  • Security settings review
  • Compliance review
  • Social engineering simulation

Financial Industry Information Security Assessment Process

  • Project initiation:
    Planning the schedule of computer system interview, testing service scope and execution schedule according to the project scope.
  • Execution of on-site evaluation and testing:
    According to the planning and classification, on-site assessment is conducted through interviews and data inspection by the system contractor.
  • Issuing evaluation reports and improvement recommendations:
    Risk assessment operations are conducted and overall assessment reports are issued for each assessment item in accordance with the Financial Assessment Regulations, and improvement recommendations are made if issues are found or items are to be improved.
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