3S Remote Office Security

The first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a safe home working environment| Network Security + Endpoint Security Double Protection. For anti-epidemic Solution ISSDU Plus Endpoint Security Mini-Package enjoys 50% discount!

The Best Choice for SMB Enterprises to Work Remotely and Safely

The epidemic is heating up.
Establishing a safe office environment and protecting corporate information 24/7!

The 3S Remote Office Solution is a safe office solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the epidemic, enterprises need to be prepared for a three-level alert triage/home office response. Network security can protect the security of enterprise network gateways and efficiently encrypt secure channel transmission capabilities to meet the needs of large-scale telecommuting.

With the advanced protection capability of endpoint security, malicious threats hidden in remote access devices can be eliminated. Double protection at home and at work!"
Double protection at home and at work
3S Remote Security Solution Description

Double Protection for Remote working

3S Remote Security Solution Introduction

Fight against the epidemic with ISSDU
Not only information security, but also expert assistance, more benefits and subsidies!
  • Solution Description:
    When subscribing to 3S Remote Security Office Solution (3S Network Security - MX67W + 3S Endpoint Security - Mini-Package)
    Tcloud + ISSDU Subsidy up to "100% off Endpoint Security Mini-Package"!
  • Subsidy: Any enterprise that has registered as a company or in accordance with the law and meets any of the following conditions:
    • The paid-in capital is less than NT$100 million
    • Enterprises with less than 200 employees in regular employment

※ The government subsidy program is based on the announcement.
※ Network security program for 3 years and endpoint security for 1 year
※ The epidemic prevention program is available until August 

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