3S Endpoint Security

A new generation of endpoint protection with 7x24 information security professional custodian service and subscription mode to relieve the pressure of payment, enabling the enterprise endpoint security reach higher level

About 3S Endpoint Security

Beyond traditional anti-virus, the remedy for new-generation information security threats.

In the era of hackers, illegal intrusions such as ransomware, host system kidnapping, spyware backdoor implantation, and bot virus infection are a threat to everyone, and hacked enterprises are often forced to maintain normal operations. The new generation of threats has completely surpassed the effectiveness of traditional anti-virus software, and what you need is to deploy the new generation of endpoint security solutions ahead of time.

3S Endpoint Security Subscription Service uses the world's leading solution for next-generation endpoint protection, providing advanced predictive models and behavioral analysis to detect known and unknown ransomware or malware, along with a team of Digital Security experts to provide 7x24 security monitoring, incident consultation, rapid remote investigation and contingency handling advice, helping enterprise organization's information security managers not to face hacker threat attacks alone.

New Generation Malware Protection + Managed Security Service

One-stop professional information security maintenance custodian service, includes:
  • Best world-class new-generation endpoint protection products
  • Assist in data security policy formulation
  • 7x24 information security monitoring center, year-round maintenance and operation supervision
  • Notification mechanism for abnormal information security events and online emergency handling services
  • Provide monthly information security report and alarm report for information security governance and event tracking

Comprehensive Information Security Protection and Application Functions

Adopt a single new generation anti-virus NGAV stationed on the protected end- point host, and the latest intelligent anti-hacking technology EDR with continu- ous detection and response mechanism to watch the abnormal behavior of system activities in detail, to prevent hacker threats and ransomware infection in advance.

New Generation Anti-Virus and Anti-Hack Technology

With event streaming protection and machine learning mechanism, it accu- rately detects and blocks all kinds of new malware (Malware and Malware-less), replacing insecure traditional anti-virus software

Visualize the investigation of attack activity trajectories

Quickly identify all system locations where malicious threats are present in the attack flow and the trajectory of triggered system programs for immediate response to threats

Endpoint real-time detection and response capability EDR

Fastest time to capture endpoint events and reactions, instantly detect and reveal threat activity, immediately implement protection to isolate or block malicious activity, and provide attack intelligence and alerts

Flexible and reliable defense

A single Agent is deployed in the end- point host, and the protection function continues to work whether it is online or offline; through the latest cloud manage- ment service model, it is easier and faster to connect between the information security manager and the protected endpoint

7x24 Managed Security Service

Powerful backing for enterprise information security, day and night!

With more than 15 years of abundant national-level information security event monitoring and collocation (SOC) experience, the ISSDU team provides enterprises with 365-day, year-round information security threat monitoring, real-time notification and alert of high-risk abnormal events, as well as professional information security monitoring and control services authorized by enterprises for remote emergency authorization and disposal.

3S Security Subscription Service

Don't let information security become a heavy burden for enterprises' digital transformation

3S Subscription Service: Easy, Fast, Zero Burden to Meet the Information Security Needs of Digital Transformation

The new form of security solutions, subscriptions, and MSS are a combination of people (security experts), services (security management and event monitoring), and programs (various solutions of information security systems) to meet the needs of corporate information security and professional consultation. At the same time, through the subscription leasing payment method, enterprises can convert the capital expenditure (CAPEX) burden into the operation expenditure (OPEX) method. This allows enterprises to have one-stop information security protection and services from construction to maintenance.

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