3S Enterprise Anti-Ransomware Protection

Traditional protection is not enough, what you need is a new generation of enterprise ransom protection solution! Network + Endpoint + Detection Triple protection gives you higher information security protection!

Traditional Antivirus is Insufficient for a Ransomware Outbreak

In 2020, the epidemic is rampant, and ransomware is no less than a major outbreak!

According to statistics, the second half of the post-ransomware attack season increased by up to 50%

At least 5 times a day at least enterprise ransomware help; ransom amount of up to 10 million; major damage accounted for 20% increase.

Enterprise traditional anti-virus is not enough, what you need is.

New Generation - 3S Network + Endpoint + Detection Enterprise Ransomware Protection Solution!
We are confident that "Triple Protection" can give you a higher level of information security!

About 3S Enterprise Anti-Ransomware Protection

Network malicious attack protection, network + endpoint + detection Triple protection includes:
  • Best international security protection products
  • Initial product installation and set-up to assist in information security policy development
  • 7x24 security monitoring center for year-round maintenance and operation
  • Abnormal information security event notification mechanism, online emergency processing service
  • Monthly information security report and alarm report to facilitate information security governance and event tracking

Triple Protection and No Fear of Hacking, Say Goodbye to Ransomware Virus

  • Network Security: Implementing network security protection methods
    • New Generation Firewall
    • Advanced Malware Protection
    • Application and Internet Content Filtering
  • Endpoint Security: A New Generation of Information Security Threats
    • NGAV New Generation Anti-Virus and Anti-Hack Features
    • Real-time endpoint detection and response
    • Visualization of attack activity trajectory
  • Hack prevention and detection: early detection, early prevention
    • High accuracy, high efficiency and high speed detection
    • Compliance with vulnerability detection trust standards
    • The latest global vulnerability data coverage rate

7x24 Managed Security Service

Powerful backing for enterprise information security, day and night!

With more than 15 years of abundant national-level information security event monitoring and collocation (SOC) experience, the ISSDU team provides enterprises with 365-day, year-round information security threat monitoring, real-time notification and alert of high-risk abnormal events, as well as professional information security monitoring and control services authorized by enterprises for remote emergency authorization and disposal.

3S Security Subscription Service

Don't let information security become a heavy burden for enterprises' digital transformation

3S Subscription Service: Easy, Fast, Zero Burden to Meet the Information Security Needs of Digital Transformation

The new form of security solutions, subscriptions, and MSS are a combination of people (security experts), services (security management and event monitoring), and programs (various solutions of information security systems) to meet the needs of corporate information security and professional consultation. At the same time, through the subscription leasing payment method, enterprises can convert the capital expenditure (CAPEX) burden into the operation expenditure (OPEX) method. This allows enterprises to have one-stop information security protection and services from construction to maintenance.

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