3S Network Security

Cloud-managed network firewall with 24/7 information security professional hosting service, subscription mode to relieve payment pressure, making enterprise network security protection easier and simpler

About 3S Network Security

The best way for SMBs to implement network security protection

In the face of rampant and continuously evolving malicious attacks by hackers, enterprise IT should adopt a proactive protection mindset in order to avoid becoming a lamb to be slaughtered by hackers. As the barrier between enterprise network and Internet, network firewall plays the most basic and important role in enterprise information security strategy.

3S Network Security Subscription Service not only has perfect network gateway protection, but also provides professional hosting services such as round-the-clock information security event monitoring and alerting by a team of information security professionals, and uses the rental subscription model to significantly reduce the problem of one-time capital expenditure.

Next Generation Firewall Leasing + Managed Security Service

One-stop professional information security maintenance and custodial services include:
  • Selecting world-class new-generation firewall products

  • Initial product installation and set-up, assistance in information security policy development
  • 7x24 monitoring and maintenance services
  • Abnormal information security event notification mechanism, online emergency processing services
  • Monthly information security report and alarm report to facilitate information security governance and event tracking

Comprehensive Information Security Protection and Application Functions

3S Network Security Subscription Service is equipped with multi-oriented threat protection technologies and network applications to build a comprehensive network threat protection layer between the corporate intranet and the Internet to defend against malicious activities being launched by hackers.

Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall tightly controls enterprise communication access to Internet services

Intrusion Prevention System

IPS provides real-time protection against intrusion attacks derived from system vulnerabilities with virtual patches, and seeks to protect against known vulnerabilities that are not yet updated or cannot be patched

Application Control

Application Control actively controls enterprise access to cloud storage such as Dropbox to reduce the risk of data leakage

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Protection blocks all known malware with Cisco's massive malware database

Online Content Filtering

Content Filtering avoids opening sites that harbor malicious attacks or inadvertently linking to non-work sites, enhancing business operations

Software-defined Wide Area Network

SD-WAN selects the most suitable line for each branch and each application based on the required transmission cost and performance

7x24 Managed Security Service

Powerful backing for enterprise information security, day and night!

With more than 15 years of abundant national-level information security event monitoring and collocation (SOC) experience, the ISSDU team provides enterprises with 365-day, year-round information security threat monitoring, real-time notification and alert of high-risk abnormal events, as well as professional information security monitoring and control services authorized by enterprises for remote emergency authorization and disposal.

3S Security Subscription Service

Don't let information security become a heavy burden for enterprises' digital transformation

3S Subscription Service: Easy, Fast, Zero Burden to Meet the Information Security Needs of Digital Transformation

The new form of security solutions, subscriptions, and MSS are a combination of people (security experts), services (security management and event monitoring), and programs (various solutions of information security systems) to meet the needs of corporate information security and professional consultation. At the same time, through the subscription leasing payment method, enterprises can convert the capital expenditure (CAPEX) burden into the operation expenditure (OPEX) method. This allows enterprises to have one-stop information security protection and services from construction to maintenance.

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