3S Security Assessment

Continuous and automatic system vulnerability detection service to enhance the effectiveness of information security protection, with professional hosting, subscription mode to ease the pressure of payment, making information security protection easier and simpler

About 3S Security Assessment

3S system vulnerability detection service, significantly improve the effectiveness of information security protection

System vulnerabilities are just like unpredictable bombs buried in the enterprise network, which should be proactively and continuously detected to quickly identify the relevant vulnerabilities in the latest announced information security incidents, and to make necessary repairs and updates or strengthen the protection control with corresponding solutions. Information security issues caused by system vulnerabilities have become the new norm, and the establishment of a new mindset of enterprise system vulnerability management will help enterprises to deal with them with peace of mind.

3S Information Security Detection Service - Hacking Prevention and Inspection uses the world's leading Tenable vulnerability detection solution to provide dedicated vulnerability scanners with a modern cloud platform management model. It also provides the latest vulnerability information and detection results, as well as external web site data security expert assistance.

Continuous System and Security Awareness Vulnerability Discovery + Managed Security Services

One-stop professional information security maintenance custodian services, include:
  • The world's highest market share of information security vulnerability management solutions
  • Enterprise specific vulnerability scanner
  • System vulnerability scanning policy development
  • Monthly system vulnerability check and quarterly emergency vulnerability check
  • Annual social engineering email rehearsal service and report
  • Monthly website health monitoring and scanning service
  • Monthly system vulnerability detection and monthly website health monitoring report

Early Detection and Prevention to Break the Hacker Attack Chain

3S Information Security Testing Service - Hacking Prevention and Inspection is carefully designed for enterprise users' frequent information security risks, which can effectively help enterprises to prepare for early protection before hackers launch an information security attack chain.

Vulnerability Detection Trust Standard Compliant Tenable

The industry-leading vulnerability scanning solution that supports international vulnerability risk scoring benchmarks

The world's latest and richest vulnerability data coverage

The world's most in-depth and extensive vulnerability information, with the ability to detect vulnerabilities within 24 hours of disclosure

High-accuracy, high-efficiency, high-speed inspection

With six standard deviations of detection accuracy, exclusive machine learning algorithms to identify and prioritize the most exploitable vulnerabilities

Dedicated vulnerability scanners to ensure quality and reliability

Provide dedicated vulnerability scanners to simplify and speed up the tedious task of vulnerability detection for enterprise systems

Smart Vulnerability Management Helps Right-Containment and Avoid Ineffective

Next-generation system vulnerability management helps to correct security investments by continuously detecting, monitoring, and predicting the risk exposure index of critical corporate assets

3S Social Engineering Service

Stop employees from falling for phishing emails and perform regular social engineering drills

Email is the main channel of external communication for enterprises, but it can also be the starting point for hackers to penetrate into the company. Hackers can use phishing emails of interest to employees to induce them to click on the emails, and then fraudulently use their account passwords or invade their computers, resulting in data leakage and property loss to the company.

The 3S Security Monitoring Service also provides enterprises with social engineering email exercises for their employees, which helps to improve the maturity of enterprise information security and reduce the chance of hacker malware and ransomware intrusion.

3S Website Integrity Monitoring Service

3S security testing service is to provide subscribers with the necessary status testing services for the security integrity of corporate websites, focusing on the monitoring of the 5 major security indicators of key websites, through a light-weight and burden-free monitoring method, periodic continuous observation of the status of corporate websites and give the evaluation level, helping enterprises to easily and quickly check the integrity of the website

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is to retain private information and internal data when transmit- ting information on web pages. Without SSL encryption, customers' sensitive data and confidential information may be exposed to hackers

Cookie security settings

Improperly configured websites can result in web page response headers that reveal a lot of information that inadvertently helps hackers more easily determine how to attack your website. Check- ing your corporate website frequently for improper settings can significantly reduce your website security risk.

DNS Related Information Domain Name

It represents your website's address gatekeeper in the Internet world, but unnecessary sub-domains are exposed, which also helps hackers to know the distribution of assets of your corporate website and increases the pipeline for hackers to invade and collect information, hiding website sub-domain information as soon as possible helps to avoid hackers' attention

Website server with Port-NMAP turned on

Do you know which service interfaces (ports) are turned on by your corporate web server? These service ports are equivalent to different service portals for enterprises, but are they necessary? Exposing unnecessary service ports to the Internet increases the chance of hackers breaking into your web server and related servers

Web Components

CMS content management system is the best choice for today's enterprise business website setup and maintenance, such as WordPress, Joomla, Durpal, etc. These CMS systems can speed up the establishment of corporate websites and have a rich suite of plug-ins available, but did you know that CMS is also a target for hackers because of the large number of users. When using multiple open-source tools and services, you should be aware of any problems with the packages or versions you are using and take security precautions early hackers to invade and collect information, hiding website sub-domain information as soon as possible helps to avoid hackers' attention

3S Security Subscription Service

Don't let information security become a heavy burden for enterprises' digital transformation

3S Subscription Service: Easy, Fast, Zero Burden to Meet the Information Security Needs of Digital Transformation

The new form of security solutions, subscriptions, and MSS are a combination of people (security experts), services (security management and event monitoring), and programs (various solutions of information security systems) to meet the needs of corporate information security and professional consultation. At the same time, through the subscription leasing payment method, enterprises can convert the capital expenditure (CAPEX) burden into the operation expenditure (OPEX) method. This allows enterprises to have one-stop information security protection and services from construction to maintenance.

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