AD Security Solution

Continuously monitoring AD server activities and incorporating AD security into the threat detection and management mechanism through SOC association rules

Leave no vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit
to promptly prevent attacks

  • AD account attacks
  • Brute force attacks
  • Password guessing
  • Privilege escalation
  • ISSDU AD protection and monitoring
  • Timely blocking:Combine with SOC monitoring and use SOAR for auto-event investigation as well as quick reporting and response


Discover and Mitigate Active Directory Risks

We identify AD vulnerabilities and improper or incorrect authority settings for risk assessment to give advice on fixing the vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of breaches.


Non-stop Active Directory Monitoring and Analysis

Non-stop Active Directory Monitoring and AnalysisContinuous monitoring and association rules allow for a visual understanding of accounts’ activities and behavior to increase the visibility of attack paths, effectively identifying and analyzing information security threats.


Timely Prevention of Active Directory Attacks

We use SOAR to automatically investigate events and enable quick reporting and response for the early prevention of privilege escalation and lateral movement, avoiding the risk of information leakage or ransomware attacks.