Cyber Range Service

An attack and defense exercise simulator to quickly enhance the capabilities of personnel to respond to information security incidents


Your Information Security Talent Management Center


  1. Ultra-realistic attack and defense scenarios
    World-leading realistic enterprise attack and defense exercise scenarios
  2. Extensive course contents
    Spotlight, LAB, and Exercise courses
  3. Gaining experience in complete attack chains
    Understanding what a complete attack chain is like through simulation exercises and crisis management training
  4. Shorter orientation for personnel
    Accelerating role-based learning during on-the-job orientation
  5. Improving capabilities to respond to information security incidents
    Training information security incident response capabilities through the MITRE ATT&CK and NIST frameworks

Cyberbit Cloud Program Course Types

An online training platform focusing not only on attack and defense exercises, but also on the comprehensive and continuous training of information security personnel at levels from entry to professional