Information Security Training

More than half of corporate information security risks stem from employee negligence and lack of information security awareness. Information security training can enhance employees' information security knowledge and reduce relevant risks

According to an information security survey by an information media company on Taiwanese enterprises, more than half of corporate information security risks stem from employees’ negligence and lack of information security awareness. Information security needs to be continuously communicated, explained, and instilled into daily routines to raise employees' information security awareness in order to achieve proper information security protection!

This service is carried out by our information security consulting team. Training materials are customized according to customer needs and designed based on actual case studies and annual information security trends, providing 1~3 hours of training. Our general information security course delivers basic information security knowledge to supervisors and employees through concept promotion and sharing, including common phishing techniques and response methods, to facilitate the early prevention of information security incidents. After each class, there are small tests and discussions to measure participant progress throughout the course. The overall general information security course meets the requirements of laws and regulations and enables employees to gain information security awareness.

To Control Potential Information Security Risks, Start by Enhancing Employee Information Security Awareness

ISSDU Information Security Training's Service Advantages and Benefits

Experienced Consulting Team

With rich experience in information security, all ISSDU information security consultants have provided guidance on management system certification for different organizations, and are able to offer solutions that fit the needs of customers

Customized Training Planning

The consulting team is familiar with the requirements of laws and regulations and has rich experience in information security practice and teaching. In the course, our consultants will share practical cases that employees can easily understand and relate to

Enhance Employees' Information Security Knowledge

The course gives training through videos or by using behavior seen in daily life as examples. Trainees are provided with simple hands-on exercises that can help reduce the risk of privacy exposure

Information Security Training Planning Flow


Course Syllabus and Duration Selection

The consulting team will discuss the course syllabus, content, and duration based on your compliance and organizational needs.


Preparation of Training Materials and Test Questions

We incorporate information security news and practices into the training materials and test questions designed in line with the course’s focus.


Provision of Relevant Materials for Customers for Review

We present the training materials prepared by the consulting team to your supervisor for review, and after confirming the content, the training program can be implemented for trainees.


Scheduling of the Course Date and Location

We will schedule the date, time and location for the training course according to your needs.




ISSDU Provides You with Services that Fit Your Industry and Needs

We offer customized information security testing services