Information Security Health Check

Our integrated information security testing solution for the assessment of network and information system security provides improvement advice, allowing for risk control implementation and enhanced overall security protection

With 15 years of experience in information security, ISSDU is a leading information security brand in Taiwan. Our professional information security team draws on our complete information security testing resources and service capacity to conduct comprehensive information security inspections for government agencies and corporate organizations, covering: network architecture, network device log inspection, server host system settings, endpoint protection testing, and other aspects. The test methods include on-site interviews, as well as data collection and results analysis using self-developed testing tools and automated tools, to help enterprises manage overall security and make improvements to areas that require reinforcement, achieving the goal of reducing information security risks.

Comprehensive Information Security Inspection and Diagnosis to Ensure the Security of Critical Information and Network Systems

ISSDU's Service Advantages and Benefits

Professional Team

All members of our professional testing team have extensive experience in security testing and have obtained international information security certifications to provide professional test plans and services to our customers

Select Testing Tools

During health checking, we use professional testing devices including self-developed tools to detect the presence of malware on endpoints or server computers in order to identify potential risks

Rich Information Security Testing Resources

Our complete information security service resources related to SOC monitoring, various information security tests, and the integration of consulting and information security software and hardware equip us with the capability to handle different forms of project team establishment

Professional Test Reports and Consulting Services

We provide professional health check reports and remediation advice based on test results, and offer professional consulting services to help customers effectively reduce information security risks and improve overall network and information architecture security.

Information Security Health Check Service

Network Architecture Inspection

  • Network architecture inspection for security vulnerabilities, including whether the design logic is appropriate, whether the host network location is appropriate, and whether the existing level of protection is sufficient

Inspection for Malicious Activities in Wired Networks

  • Packet sniffing and analysis
  • Network device log analysis

Client Computer Inspection

  • Inspection for malware or malicious files on client computers
  • Client computer update inspection

Server Host Inspection

  • Inspection for malware or malicious files on server hosts
  • Server host update inspection

Directory Server Setting Inspection

  • Password setting and account lockout policies for groups in directory servers (e.g., MS AD)

Firewall Connection Setting Inspection 

  • Inspection of the effectiveness of firewall policies and rules

Government Configuration Baseline (GCB) Inspection

  • AD GCB setting inspection
  • Operating system GCB setting inspection
  • Browser GCB setting inspection
  • Application GCB setting inspection

Database Security Inspection

  • Data encryption
  • Access authorization
  • Audit logs
  • Outsourced management
  • Backup protection
  • Vulnerability management

Information Security Health Check Service Flow


Project Initiation

Hold a project meeting to discuss, confirm project practices and requirements, and collect information about information security testing objects, operating systems, and testing software.


Test Planning

Staff a testing team based on project requirements, determine test objects and methods, and plan data analysis methods.


Testing and Data Analysis

Execute testing according to the plan and conduct malware network behavior analysis, device log analysis, and software version security analysis.


Reports and Consulting Services

Prepare test result and advice reports, explain test results, and provide consultation on system enhancement to customers.

Strictly Performing Testing Required by Customers

01 Regulations Governing the Classification of Cyber Security Responsibility Levels for Government Agencies (Entities)

02 Government Configuration Baseline (GCB)

03 Comprehensive test items for government agencies or enterprises


According to the Standards of the National Center for Cyber Security Technology, Executive Yuan

  • Network architecture inspection
  • Inspection for malicious activities in wired networks.
  • Packet sniffing and analysis
  • Network device log analysis
  • Client computer inspection
  • Server host inspection
  • Security setting inspection

ISSDU Provides You with Services that Fit Your Industry and Needs

We offer customized information security testing services