Sustainability, Giving Back, Mutual Benefits

ISSDU Annual Sustainability Report


Persistence in Sustainability

As a leader in information security services, ISSDU has put continuous efforts into creating a comprehensive, connected world

We are committed to utilizing our advantages in the industry to ensure safe, secure, and uninterrupted operations for customers

We further pursue sustainability for the environment, society, and the economy to create a resilient and robust society


Giving Back for the Common Good

To raise the public's information security awareness, we work together with schools for education and promotion 

We also assist non-profit organizations and institutions in helping disadvantaged children and youth integrate with society 


Working for Mutual Benefit

Through innovation and culture reconstruction, we encourage employees to continuously apply emerging technologies to information security services 

working towards creating a comprehensive, connected world for enterprises and bringing good and benefits to the world 

TALENT, in Taiwan

In response to the growing wave of ESG, global enterprises value the social responsibility for talent. At this crucial moment, ISSDU is making an official announcement about joining “TALENT, in Taiwan”

Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

We gather our employees to collect plastic bottles, cartons/paper bags, and decorations not in use at home to create an eco-friendly Christmas tree for ISSDU

Industry-Academia Collaboration for an Information Security Program

ISSDU and Far EasTone have collaborated with Tamkang University to launch an information security program to cultivate information security talent in Taiwan

Network Security Promotion at School

The concept of network security should be developed from childhood. With professionalism, we enter schools and give children an introduction to network convenience and security

Eating Out Eco-Friendly

We offer healthy, light meals with eco-friendly dishware, helping our employees eat healthy and promoting the Earth’s health!

ESG World Café

To help our employees better understand the meaning and implementation of SDGs, we organize periodic exchange sessions, giving them the opportunity to discuss how to achieve ESG success

Human Rights Declaration

In response to an increased global focus on human rights, we hold internal human rights exchange sessions to better communicate the meaning of Human Rights Day to our employees

Earth Day

On Earth Day, we turn off lights at 8 PM for one hour together with the world and further spend another hour in the dark at noon to support the idea of environmental protection for the Earth.