uSecure RIM Security Risk Management System

uSecure RIM is an information security risk management system that enables IT departments to collect all items requiring information security control in a single management mechanism, providing the departments with comprehensive and continuous risk management.

Featured Functions

ISSDU's Service Advantages and Benefits

Threat Management Module (TMS)

  • Integrate warning information from SIEM/SOAR platforms for comparison with assets to better understand the association of information security threat events with the assets.
  • Provide timely reporting and response measures to reduce asset risks.

Flexible Reporting Processes and Mechanisms

  • Adjust built-in flexible reporting and expediting processes based on enterprises’ internal control and expediting procedures.
  • Integrate information security reporting procedures to send warnings to the corresponding asset managers or relevant departments, achieving timely reporting and response.

Protecting Enterprises Businesses from Potential Threats


Flexible Reporting and Expediting Processes

Flexible adjustments can be made based on enterprises  internal control and expediting procedures through the reporting process editing function


SIEM/SOAR-Integrated Threat Management

The system supports the integration of threat and warning information from mainstream SIEM/SOAR platforms in Taiwan and provides protection and response advice for reports received


Auto-Generation of Audit Reports

With a scheduled report generation function, the system can meet the need for audit management through built-in customizable reports

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