Security Operations Center (SOC)

Data-driven monitoring can control network status in real time, identify risks in a timely manner, ensure safe system operation.
Ensure that your data and network activities are optimally protected.

ISSDU received the highest A-Plus SOC Service Provider rating!

The first in the industry to pass three ISO certifications

Taiwan’s only SOC service provider with leading big data technology that integrates intelligence platforms to strengthen intelligence collection for stronger warning and response capabilities.


billion +


billion +

Attacks blocked per monthly



Number of customers served

Full Integration and Automation

Pre-Incident Prevention


Digital Intelligence Consulting Service

Digital asset inventory
Collection of darknet and attack information
Integration and verification of threat intelligence

During-Incident Monitoring and Reinforcement

Monitoring and Reinforcement

NG-SOC and MDR Monitoring Services

Network monitoring and endpoint event trajectory analysis
Enhanced capabilities for event sourcing, association analysis of heterogeneous data, and intelligence integration and interpretation for faster response

Post-Incident Response and Investigation

Response and Investigation

Information security incident response (IR) service

Provision of evidence of information security incidents
Threat hunting and eradication

Cloud SOC



Use big data platforms as the core to gather various types of information, accelerating association detection, analysis, and identification


Real-time Intelligent Analysis and Detection

Utilize machine learning to improve the completeness and accuracy of detection and interpretation based on association rules


Auto-Reporting and Threat Response

Control the process from event reporting to closure through auto-response scripts, effectively reducing response time


Comprehensive Cloud SOC

Integrate hybrid multicloud log collection and storage to increase threat visibility


Real-time Association Analysis on Cloud and On-Premise

Perform timely collaborative association analysis and joint defense measures for information security anomalies or threats on the cloud and on-premise


Single Monitoring Management Interface

Monitor multicloud and on-premise environments with a single interface to reduce management costs.



Improving efficiency with SOAR for more powerful defense

U-SOC SOAR can create integrated templates for defense in depth (DiD) based on different required scenarios and customer needs to effectively achieve automation, detection, investigation, and timely joint defense, thereby reducing information security risks and improving operation efficiency.


Weekly alerts down by 95% with accurate identification

Integrate network, on-premise, and cloud, combine different scenarios or information security devices and systems, and carry out auto-investigation of incidents to integrate personnel, procedures, and technology.


Shorter response time

Automate the analysis of threat events, achieve secondary auto-association investigation and timely joint defense, and ensure quick incident response, reducing response time from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.


Auto-respond to 30% of incidents

Carry out auto-investigation of incidents to integrate personnel, procedures, and technology, reducing the consumption of human resources for incident investigation and analysis and increasing incident response speed and accuracy.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Assisting Enterprises in Information Security Incident Response

  • Strengthened endpoint protection for the effective blocking of threats and attacks
  • Comprehensive event analysis and assessment advice to increase enterprises’ information security resilience
  • Integration of SOC with the MDR service to enhance threat visibility

More Value-added Services

Digital Intelligence Consulting Service

ISSDU integrates with external platforms and conducts research to develop strong intelligence collection capabilities and provide information on potential fraudulent websites as well as other intelligence related to your organization. After systems or platforms generate relevant warnings, the ISSDU consulting team will verify them and provide relevant monthly reports.

Collection and Analysis of Darknet Intelligence

This service collects a large amount of raw intelligence through various channels and methods. After analysis and verification by our consulting service team, we extract intelligence on threats against your organization.

Detection of Fraudulent Websites

This service assists enterprises in detecting fraudulent websites. By checking the URL similarity of websites and analyzing website content, it generates a list of suspicious websites, provides analysis results, IOC, and response advice, and immediately notifies relevant personnel for handling.