Privacy Policy

Welcome to the「Official Website of ISSDU -」(hereinafter referred to as "the website"), which is operated by Information Security Service Digital United Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "ISSDU"). This website collects, processes, and utilizes your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Act") and the Privacy Policy, and is committed to respecting and protecting your personal privacy on this website. We hereby explain the privacy policy of this website (hereinafter referred to as this policy) to protect your rights. Please read this policy carefully as follows.

The scope of the privacy protection policy
  • This policy applies to the collection, processing, use and international transmission of personal information involved in the websites, domains, services and applications provided by Digitalin Information Security. However, when there is a specific privacy policy or statement for a particular network or service, such privacy policy or statement will supersede or supplement this policy.
  • This policy does not apply to companies that are not owned or controlled by Digital Security, nor does it apply to persons not employed or managed by Digital Security.
  • You should review this policy frequently to understand your current rights and obligations. If you continue to use the Service after any modifications or changes to this Policy, you are deemed to have agreed to accept the modifications and changes to this Policy.
  • This website will collect your personal information when you register your account, use the products and services of this website, visit the websites of this website or certain partners, and participate in promotional and marketing activities. The purpose of collecting your personal information is to identify you and to create a profile of you as a user or member of the Site and to provide the services you have requested. The specific statutory purposes are: 040 marketing, 052 membership management, 069 contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters, 135 information (communication) services, 136 information (communication) and database management, 137 information security and management, 148 Internet shopping and other e-commerce services, 152 advertising or commercial behavior management, 157 surveys, statistics and research analysis, 182 other Consulting and advisory services. We will process and use your personal information for that specific purpose and will not use your personal information for any other purpose without your consent.
  • When you register with this website, you will be asked to fill in your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, company name, company position and other information. You are free to choose whether or not to provide us with personal information, but if a specific field is required, you will not be able to use the relevant products and services without providing such information.
  • During general browsing, the server will record the relevant behavior, including the IP address of the device you are using, the time of use, the browser you are using, the browsing and clicking data records, etc., as a reference for us to improve the website services.
  • During your use of our products and services, we may use the information for the following purposes worldwide: to fulfill your requests for products and services, to improve our products and services, to contact customers, to conduct research, and to provide internal market analysis or business reports that do not contain your personal information. In addition to internal research, we may publish statistical data and explanatory text as necessary, but not in relation to specific individuals.
  • This website collects, processes and uses personal information in accordance with the guiding principles of this website's personal information management objectives and policies, and has a comprehensive personal information protection and security maintenance plan, so you can be assured that your personal information will be provided to this website. The use of such information by internal personnel is strictly prohibited. The personal information collected by this website will be closely guarded, and any person must be reasonably authorized to use such information under appropriate circumstances, and this website will keep records of such use.
  • In addition to the personal information provided by users who voluntarily log in to the website, users may provide personal information such as emails, names, etc. in chat rooms, discussion boards, and other similar areas of the Company's website or services. Such forms of information provision are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
  • This website will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, disclosure or destruction of personal information, including internal review of data collection, storage, processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the systems in which personal information is stored on this website.
  •  If it is necessary to engage the services of other entities for business purposes, this website will also strictly require them to comply with their confidentiality obligations and to adopt the necessary checking procedures to ensure that they will do so.
  • The personal information collected by this website will be kept for the duration of the specific purpose, the period of time required by relevant laws and regulations (such as the Personal Information Protection Act, etc.) or necessary for the execution of business, or the period of time required for the retention of the information by Digital Security or the duration of the specific purpose for which the personal information was collected, or the period of time required for the retention of the information by individual contracts, whichever is the longest.

The web pages of this website provide links to other websites, and you may also click on the links provided by this website to enter other websites. However, the linked sites do not apply to the privacy protection policy of this website, and you must refer to the privacy protection policy in the linked sites.

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, organizations, private businesses or public authorities, except where there is a legal basis or contractual obligation to do so.

The foregoing proviso includes but is not limited to:

  • With your written consent.
  • When expressly required by law.
  • To avoid danger to your life, body, liberty or property.
  • In cooperation with a public agency or academic research institution, when it is necessary for statistical or academic research in the public interest and the information is processed or collected by the provider in such a way that no specific subject can be identified by the disclosure.
  • When your actions on the website violate the Terms of Service or may harm or impede the rights of the website and other users or cause damage to anyone, the website management analyzes the disclosure of your personal information as necessary to identify, contact or take legal action.
  • Interested in your benefit.
  • When this website commissions a vendor to assist in the collection, processing or use of your personal information, the vendor or individual will be properly supervised and managed.

In order for the system to recognize the user's information, the system will record the user's behavior in the form of cookies. The server will write the required information to the user's hard disk via the browser, and the next time the browser requests the server to send back the web page, the cookie data will be sent to the server first, and the server can judge the user based on the cookie data, and the web server can perform different actions or send back specific information according to the user's different preferences.

The privacy protection policy will be appropriately amended in response to technological development trends, amendments to relevant laws and regulations, or other environmental changes, in order to implement the intent of protecting users' privacy. The revised terms will also be posted on the website immediately.

Except for the provisions and limitations of the law, you may exercise the following rights in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Law:

  •   To make inquiries or request access.
  • To request a copy.
  • Request for additions or corrections.
  • Request to stop collecting, processing or using.
  • Ask for deletion.

This website will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data, including internal audits of data collection, storage, processing and security measures, as well as physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal data files held by this website.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this policy or the Site, please feel free to write to us at our service mailbox.
Name of the contact window: Digital Security Marketing Customer Service Mailbox
E-mail address: [email protected]

The establishment, modification, update, and final interpretation of this clause are all the sole prerogative of ISSDU Cybersecurity.