Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Exercise
Gain Insight into Business Security & Ensure the Best Defense against Breaches and Attacks

BAS (breach and attack simulation) involves automatically simulating hacker attacks from multiple perspectives to provide enterprises with around-the-clock breach and attack simulation. It covers internal threats, lateral movement, information leakage for automatic prevention, testing, and response. The protection advice and risk report provided after each simulation allows the organization to understand the vulnerabilities that may be attacked.

Comparison of Information Security Verification Methods

Exercise Features


Simulation of the Latest Attack Methods

Through our constantly updated attack models, you can simulate highly evolved breach and attack techniques to make sure that your security team stays alert at all times.


Real-time Response Exercise

The system will track and assess the response speed of your team when an attack occurs to help you discover and fix possible vulnerabilities.


Customized Risk Assessment

Based on the exercise results, the system will provide a customized risk assessment report for your organization to help improve your security measures.


Up-to-Date Education Resources

We provide up-to-date security education resources based on actual simulation exercises to help your team enhance security awareness continuously.

Service Description