Source Code Testing

Having a professional consultant use source code testing tools is the most comprehensive and effective way to identify potential security vulnerabilities in applications

With the development and application of a large number of modern software programs, program vulnerabilities and information security risks are worrying. Hackers often exploit software vulnerabilities to attack and steal data, and it has become more difficult for developers and maintenance personnel to manage information security. Increasingly shorter software development life cycles make it particularly important to quickly and accurately identify software security risks.

Our professional service team uses source code security testing tools to examine the source codes of applications. Professional consultants analyze test results to list potential security vulnerabilities in the applications in detail. The team also provides the reasons for the occurrence of the vulnerabilities and professional advice on improvement, so that application developers can correctly and quickly fix the application vulnerabilities and strengthen application protection to avoid attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Simulate the Hacker Mindset with Rich Experience in Attack and Defense Exercises to Discover Unknown Vulnerabilities Early

Source Code Testing's Advantages and Benefits

Testing by Professional Teams

With rich experience in security software and program development as well as security testing, our professional testing team provides customers with effective patching advice from a developer’s point of view to help developers improve their development efficiency

International Standards

Through professional tools and expert experience, we ensure that programs are written in ways in line with the industry's best practices to meet international standards, thereby achieving software security and enhancing user trust and reputation

Professional Test Reports and Consulting Services

We follow domestic and international security standards, and provide customers with reports and consulting services for vulnerabilities and deficiencies found during testing to help developers reduce application security risks

Reduced Enterprise Labor and Tool Costs

You can use this service without spending a lot of money on testing tools or products. It is suitable for organizations that provide web application services but do not have their own application developers, or those that have few applications and infrequent demand changes

Enhanced Application Security

Our complete, effective, accurate, and fast source code testing can help identify security vulnerabilities and deficiencies in code to improve application security and program performance stability

Micro Focus MSP Partner

ISSDU is a Micro Focus Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner with professional security software testing knowledge and capabilities. In the face of changing information security vulnerabilities, we offer the most professional source code testing service and meet customer needs for timely remediation and response

Source Code Testing Service Flow


Project Initiation

Confirm project requirements, test objects, and execution specifications, complete test environment creation, and obtain legal authorization from customers.


Testing Execution

Execute testing as needed, including two source code tests, and provide a test report after each test for development departments to fix program vulnerabilities.


Test Reports and Consulting Services

Give advice on vulnerability patching, assist customers in writing handling instructions by themselves or by the application developer/maintenance vendor, and then provide a final test report based on the handling result after consultants' assessments.



原始碼檢測工具服務採用 Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer(Fortify SCA)。

Fortify SCA 支援涵蓋 .Net、Java、PHP、Objective C 等常見的網頁應用、行動應用的程式語言。

可以,Fortify SCA 弱點可對應至國際組織訂定之標準。

ISSDU Provides You with Services that Fit Your Industry and Needs

We offer customized information security testing services