DDoS Attack and Defense Exercise

Through this DDoS exercise service, you can understand the ability of your websites or hosts to withstand DDoS attacks in order to design protection plans against such attack incidents

A DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack aims to disrupt availability by having multiple computers send a large amount of traffic, consuming the network bandwidth and system resources of the attack target until it becomes unable to provide normal services externally.

In recent years, the websites of government agencies and essential services in Taiwan have repeatedly fallen victim to DDoS attacks by hacker groups, resulting in the suspension of websites of some of the agencies. To reinforce defense and response to DDoS attacks, our DDoS simulation exercise service provides customers with realistic and controlled attack exercises, helping them understand the current resistance of their websites or important hosts to DDoS attacks, and designs protection solutions to prevent them.

Realistic and Controlled DDoS Simulation Exercises to Combat Malicious Traffic Attacks

ISSDU's Service Advantages and Benefits

Testing by Professional Teams

Our professional testing team, with rich experience in exercise services, helps customers complete simulation exercises in a secure environment. Our customers cover the financial industry, government sector, technology industry, manufacturing industry, etc.

Legitimate and Controlled Real Traffic

All exercise attacks are from legal IP addresses and use legitimate and safe hosts for testing in order to simulate real DDoS attack behaviors without affecting enterprise operations

Early Assurance of Resistance to DDoS Attacks

The attack system developed by ISSDU performs exercises related to the consumption of network bandwidth, system resources, and application resources for targets, helping customers understand the resistance of their important hosts and network bandwidth to DDoS attacks

Professional Reports and Consulting Services

We can assist customers in reviewing any deficiencies in their existing architecture during exercises, provide professional report analysis and advice, and customize protection solutions based on test results to prevent future DDoS attack incidents

DDoS Simulation Exercise Process


Project Initiation

Confirm project requirements, test objects, and execution specifications, complete test environment inspection, and obtain legal authorization for penetration testing from customers.


Information Collection

Carry out research on the test target IP address/URL, and consider attack techniques and plan penetration methods for different network environments and applications.


Exercise Execution

Launch attacks according to the exercise plan to test for network bandwidth and system resource attacks, and monitor the effectiveness of the internal DoS/DDoS prevention mechanism.


Reports and Consulting Services

Provide analysis, advice, and consulting services based on test results and design protection solutions to prevent future DDoS attack incidents.



1GB 流量型攻擊和 10000 Session 連線型攻擊


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