Website Vulnerability Assessment

We examine the security of web applications and dynamic code, identify the security vulnerabilities of the application system, and provide improvement solutions to enhance the overall security of the website

About Website Vulnerability Assessment

Conduct web security scans to reduce the risk of web vulnerability attacks

According to Gartner, 75% of the security vulnerabilities come from the application system. In an environment of frequent information security problems, web developers who do not consider security mechanisms when writing web applications will easily become the target of hacker attacks, including web page replacement and data theft through web pages (insecure applications). It is especially important to conduct preventive information security testing to find out the security vulnerabilities of the application system.

Web Vulnerability Assessment Service is a web vulnerability scanning tool used by our professional service team to scan important websites and list out the security vulnerabilities of web applications in detail. Through the professional vulnerability analysis report, we can provide recommendations for fixing and improving the vulnerabilities in the web application, which can save customers the high cost of purchasing the scanning tool and enhance the security strength of customers' information websites.

Website VA Advantages and Benefits

Professional team to perform inspection

Our professional testing team, all of whom have rich experience in information security and have obtained many international information security licenses, provides professional testing planning and services to our customers

Improve web security

By performing web vulnerability testing services, we can help enterprises understand the vulnerability status of various websites in the existing environment, and obtain effective improvement solutions through web vulnerability scanning results analysis reports

International Standards

We use international standards and professional scanning tools to perform testing and produce reports that meet security standards such as OWASP Top 10

Professional inspection report and consultation

We provide professional inspection reports and remediation recommendations based on the inspection results, and professional consulting services to help corporate customers reduce website security risks

Website Vulnerability Assessment Service Content

  • Remote scanning
  • Comprehensive web vulnerability analysis report
  • Vulnerability remediation recommendations and effectiveness consultation
  • Weakness validation service (advanced service)
  • Review scanning (advanced service)

Web Vulnerability Assessment Service Flow

  • Project Initiation:
    Confirm project requirements: scan scope, scan schedule, target website host information and execution conditions, and obtain legal authorization from client.
  • Execution of the scan:
    Execute the inspection according to the requirements, adjust the tool policy, test the information provided by the scan, check the scan result and adjust the error.
  • Inspection report and consultation:
    Provide final test reports based on the test results and recommendations for fixing weaknesses to assist the customer to perform the fixes by themselves or by the website developer/maintenance vendor.
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