Information Security Health Check

An integrated information security inspection solution for network and information system security review, providing recommendations for improvement to implement risk control and enhance overall security protection

About Information Security Health Check

Comprehensive information security review and diagnosis to ensure the security of critical information and network systems

With 15 years of experience in information security, ISSDU is the leading brand in Taiwan. Combining the company's complete information security testing resources and service energy, our professional information security team conducts comprehensive information security inspections for government agencies and corporate organizations, including: network architecture, network equipment records file inspection, server and host system settings, endpoint protection testing, and other different aspects. The inspection methods include on-site interviews, data collection and result analysis using self-developed inspection tools and automated tools to help enterprises grasp the overall security and make improvements to the patched parts to achieve the goal of reducing information security risks.

Security Health Check Advantages and Benefits

Expert Team

All members of ISSDU team have rich experience in information security and have obtained several international information security licenses to provide customers with professional testing planning and services

Rich Information Security Testing Resources

Complete information security service resources, with SOC monitoring, various information security testing, consultants and information security software and hardware integration service resources, professional ability to deal with various project forms of team establishment

Rigorous Selection of Testing Tools

We use professional testing equipment, including self-developed tools to detect the presence of malware on endpoints or server computers to identify potential risks during the diagnosis consultation process

Professional Testing Report and Consultation

We provide professional medical reports and correction suggestions based on the test results, and professional consulting services to help customers effectively reduce the risk of information security and improve the overall network and information architecture security

Information Security Health Check Service Content

  • Network Architecture Review:
    • Network architecture review for security weaknesses, including whether the design logic is appropriate, the host network location is appropriate, and whether the existing level of protection is sufficient
  • Wired Network Malicious Activity Review:
    • Packet Monitoring and Analysis
    • Network device log file analysis
  • User Computer Inspection:
    • User computer malware or file inspection
    • User computer update review
  • Server Host Review:
    • Server host malware or file review
    • Server host update review
  • Security Settings Review:
    • Password settings and account locking principles for groups in directory servers (e.g., MS AD)
    • Firewall connection settings

Information Security Health Check Service Flow

  • Project Initiation:
    Project meeting to discuss, confirm the operation method and project requirements, collect information about the information security testing target, and information about the operating system and testing software.
  • Testing and Planning:
    According to the project requirements, we provide the human resources of the testing team, as well as the data analysis planning for the establishment of testing objectives and methods.
  • Testing and Data Analysis:
    Execute testing according to the plan, malware network behavior analysis, device log file analysis and software version security analysis.
  • Report Consulting:
    Prepare test result and recommendation reports, explain test result reports and provide consultation on system enhancement to customers.

Strict Standards for Assessment

Follow the standards of the National Information and Communication Security and Reporting Technical Service Center, Executive Yuan
  • Government Agency (Organization) Information and Communication Security Responsibility Level Classification Practice Regulations
  • Government Configuration Benchmark GCB
  • A comprehensive inspection project for government agencies or enterprises:
    • Network architecture inspection
    • Malicious activity inspection of wired networks
    • Packet monitoring and analysis
    • Network device log file analysis
    • Customer computer inspection
    • Server host review
    • Security Settings Review
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