Corporate Security Audit and Evaluation

To review the appropriateness and legality of corporate information security from an independent and objective third-party standpoint, and to provide guidance on meeting the requirements of the grant or achieving organizational information security goals

About Corporate Security Audit and Inspection Evaluation

To provide corporate information security guidelines and improvement recommendations from an impartial third-party perspective

Corporate information security audit service is an independent and objective third-party information security assessment that examines the appropriateness and legality of a company's internal information security from an impartial third-party perspective. After the audit is completed, an audit report is prepared, and recommendations are made to coordinate the improvement of the unit in case of deficiencies or irregularities. Corporate information security audits and inspection and evaluation as a whole can help increase the added value of the company, improve the organization's operations, help meet grant requirements or achieve organizational information security goals.

Some companies have not yet introduced an internal information security management system, but in order to meet the requirements of suppliers or other organizations, they further propose internal information security audits to continuously improve internal information security issues through audits and provide directions for corporate information security guidelines and improvement recommendations from an audit perspective.

Service Advantages and Benefits

Professional Consultant Team

All of our consultants have extensive information security experience and have coached and audited many different organizations to provide the best solutions that are close to the needs of our clients

Cross-management system integration advice

The consultant team has certificates of different information security management systems, such as ISO 27001/ ISO 29100, etc., and is able to provide corporate improvement guidelines and suggestions through experience sharing and management system integration

Rich audits experience

The consultant team has performed various kinds of information security auditing activities, and can quickly understand the internal information security handling situation and provide different auditing intensity

Customized guidance planning

The information security management system needs to be flexibly adjusted according to the customer's organization type, and we can integrate internal audit forms according to different laws and regulations and standard requirements, or internal systems, to meet various requirements

Corporate information Security Audit Process

  • Interview
    Interviews are conducted with key personnel or general meetings to confirm the overall information security control process.
  • Written Review
    A written review is conducted to review the information security control requirements through the internal documents of the company to confirm the consistency of what is said, written and done.
  • Data Logging
    Data record, the enterprise internal information security control generated by the data record, through the review to confirm compliance, validity.
  • Observation
    Observation, through the enterprise internal staff led by auditors to conduct environmental visits or specific area activities to review the degree of implementation of environmental safety control.
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