IOT and Smart City Security Evaluation

We will conduct an independent and objective third-party inspection of the information and security procedures of the units, issue an information and security inspection report, and provide counseling to meet the information and security requirements of various government subsidy programs

About IOT and Smart City Inspection and Evaluation

Provide corporate information security guidelines and improvement recommendations from an audit and impartial third-party perspective

The third-party inspection operation is performed by an information security consultant and the inspection report is issued. The consultant team examines the information security requirements in different areas such as information systems, Internet of Things devices, application development, privacy and confidential data protection...etc. in accordance with international information security regulations and the various application technology standards and legal compliance requirements faced by the domestic promotion of innovative life applications.

Through the inspection operation, enterprises can understand the compliance with the information security requirements, and when there are items that do not comply with the team to give suggestions and guidelines for improvement, so that enterprises have more direction to improve and adjust and meet the information security requirements.

ServiceAdvantages and Benefits

Professional consultant team:

All our consultants have rich experience in information security, and have coached and audited many different organizations, so they can provide the best solutions close to the needs of our clients

Customized guidance planning:

The consultant team has performed all kinds of information security audits and has participated in business, education and entertainment, energy and other types of inspection operations, and can formulate customized information security inspection reports according to different needs

In-depth integration proposal:

Before handling the inspection operation, our team will handle the explanation and inspection direction to facilitate the customer to prepare relevant information

Execution according to grant programs and information security requirements:

The consultants can execute assessment operations according to the information security requirements of various grant programs, such as the Smart City and Township Living Application Grant Program, and assist clients in obtaining third-party fair certification

IOT and Smart City Inspection and Evaluation Process

  • Information security inspection instructions
    According to different subsidy plans, we explain the information security inspection requirements and data preparation, and plan the schedule of on-site inspection.
  • Conducting on-site information security inspection operations
    Review the content of the project through on-site interviews and data review to see if it meets the information security requirements of the grant program.
  • Issuance of information security inspection report
    Based on the results of the on-site interviews, an inspection report is issued and provided to the competent authority or unit for the grant application.
  • Inspection Instructions
    If a competent authority or unit conducts an on-site examination or inspection at the unit of the grant program, an on-site explanation of the content of the information security inspection report can be provided.
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